Reimagine Your Enterprise Customer Experience with the Power of the Gig Economy

Innovative Approaches to the Marketplace Model

That Eliminate Risk

Download the joint report by Movate (formerly CSS Corp) & TSIA on ‘Leveraging the Power of the Gig Economy’

john ragsdale

John Ragsdale

Distinguished Researcher, Vice President Technology Ecosystems, TSIA


Melanie Fricke

Strategy and Sales Leader, Movate OnDemand (formerly CSS Corp)

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The beginning of this decade has been quite tumultuous for enterprises. The COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation, and fears of a looming recession have all created multiple hurdles, forcing businesses to shift, adapt, and transform rapidly. Enterprises can no longer afford to be laggards in digital adoption and are opting to move away from traditional support models. This report covers the traditional support models' challenges, the benefits of leveraging an Integrated Gig-Enabled Blended Support Model, and how enterprises can eliminate risk and ensure quality talent and an excellent customer experience while still offering flexibility and affordability.

Key Takeaways: 

  1. What are the key trends that are shaping the future of work? Access data and insights from TSIA research.
  2. Why is the emerging gig model the answer to creating a resilient support ecosystem for enterprises?
  3. Real-world success stories of leading enterprises leveraging Movate’s blended support model to drive business outcomes.